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How to Clean your Roof so it Looks Like New

  Wash Safe's hydrogen peroxide based formula behind Oxy All Roof Wash is afe for pets, people, and plants. Once Mixed with water, Oxy All Roof Wash Solution's Life is only 4-6 hours before it biodegrades back into water and oxygen. We 100% Guarantee the results. What's Growing On My Roof Generally organic growth on a roof is one or a mix of the following, Algae Algae on a roof appears as a thin green coating and is primarily a cosmetic rather than destructive issue. Removal is easy with a single application of Oxy All Roof solution, Black Algae Black Algae is also a cosmetic issue, but can be very difficult to remove. It may take several applications of Oxy All Roof Wash, and can take longer to wash away. If immediate removal is desired, try a light pressure washing of 1000psi. Lichen Lichen are very stubborn and tough to remove. Their presence can cause problems over time as they retain moisture against the roof surface and can accelerate granule loss on asphalt shingles.

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